Sacred Name

In reestablishing and restoring The Kingdom of Hawai‘i today, the question is asked, “How can the King have a last name that is not Hawaiian?” The King does have a last name that is Hawaiian. To fully answer, a review of history will be helpful.

Queen Emma prophesied that a sacred child (Ni‘au pi‘o, or sanctified lines) would come forward to restore The Kingdom of Hawaii. In searching for the modern candidate for Ali‘i Nui Mō‘ī, descendants of the original members of the House of Nobles (established by King Kamehameha III) began researching the ancient bloodlines, according to ancient protocol for the selection of a King. This protocol was supported by Queen Lili‘uokalani in her book, “Hawai‘i’s Story”.

During this process, it was determined by the Council that Edmund Keli’i Silva Jr. was that child. The Council requested that he perform the King’s Walk. During his Walk, King Paki-Silva received confirmation within himself of his sacred calling to safeguard Hawai‘i Nei. Edmund Keli‘i Silva Jr., of indisputable, sacred and righteous Ni‘au pi‘o, the highest sanctified bloodlines since ancient times, accepted the calling by the Council to become King and has served since November 22, 2002.

“Royalty comes not from man, but from Akua (God). When man elevates themselves to a status not blessed of Akua, the self-appointed Ali’i Nui, family, nation and lands suffer immensely. When the Ali‘i is blessed of Akua, the Nation prospers. I am blessed of Akua and serve in this blessed office as an anointed King with wisdom, compassion, integrity and love.”

2003 King Paki-Silva

Mikahala Roy was appointed as the King’s Kahuna Nui, High Priestess. As High Priestess, she declared the King’s sacred name to be:

Nalikolauokalani Paki - Ka-‘i-‘omaka-ola-hou-Kaluaokalani-


Mikahala Roy stated the meaning of the Sacred Name to be, “The Supreme One; Source of the rebirth of Kaluaokalani the Supreme One who conveys the reverberations of the white light that reestablishes The Kingdom of Hawai‘i. Kaluaokalani is translated as The Second Heaven. It is the name of great strength used long ago in Hawai‘i of the Pacific that is being reinvigorated in modern times. The sacred realm of the Highest Heaven is the home of the White Light that is the Source that provides for the restoration of The Kingdom of Hawai‘i. The Kingdom of Hawai‘i is The Kingdom of God. Hawai‘i is the breath, the spirit of Most High God.”

At appropriate times, Mikalaha Roy, as High Priestess and First Citizen, shall chant the King’s Genealogy to bring the ancient royal Ancestors forward, standing as surety and witness before the world that he is the Mō‘ī, Sovereign King of The Kingdom of Hawai‘i.

Just as many other Hawaiian families were forced to take Western names after the illegal occupation, the King’s family suffered the same fate. They chose to use the Silva name as a part of their heritage came from Spain. They were forced to cease using the Paki name. The King’s Sacred Name represents the King’s Paki family line.

In order to end any confusion on the matter, the King honors the Silva name that was chosen, but also honors the Paki line as indicated in the Sacred name and so uses King Paki-Silva, Edmund Keli‘i Paki-Silva Jr., or Edmund Keli‘i Silva Jr. (Paki) as appropriate. His legal signature remains Edmund K. Silva Jr. though this may change as full Restoration is achieved.