Akua, Almighty God, formed the Ancients for the path of the sea and taught them to be fierce warriors; independent and capable. They learned of the heavens and those that dwell there from him and he opened their understanding of the stars, the natural signs for navigating the oceans of the world, and even the depths of space and how to see them. He brought them to the `Aina, the Hawaiian archipelago, and gave to the People this land to be part of them forever. He taught them of the third mind, and how to communicate directly with him and with each other via the Way of Knowing. He taught them to be Pono (true) and to live in truth and integrity. This mighty People, our `Iwi Kupunas, grew in wisdom and knowledge, healing and spirit. They were filled with and connected to the Mana (spirit) in all things. The “Mana is Rising” came to refer to this powerful connection to life. People are drawn to those connected in this way. This increases the Mana (spirit) within. This knowledge of connection brought about order and understanding. Everyone is connected to everyone. Everyone is connected to everything. Aloha does not just mean love, but it encompasses this connectedness; it is an acknowledgment that we are all part of each other and so respect must be shown and care must be taken in our daily actions with each other. Aloha is the acknowledgment of encompassing love — I am part of you and you are part of me. Therefore, I resolve my conflicts with you. We meet each other and allow all sins to fall to the ground. We are one and so we can respect and uplift each other, for that is simply respecting and uplifting ourselves.

This Authority, given by Akua, is the basis for our lives, our families, our land, and our laws. It is given by Akua (God) and only Akua (God) can take it away.


In this modern-day, Sovereign Nations are still being crushed under the heel of Western Imperialism. The International Law is clear on what should be the case for Nations such as The Kingdom of Hawai`i.

“The law-of-nations [dictates]…the perfect equity and absolute independence of sovereigns…[and that] sovereigns enjoy equality before international law…[and] that it does not…belong to any foreign power to take cognizance of the administration of [another] sovereign, to set himself up for a judge of his conduct, and to oblige him to alter it…[and, as such] the sovereign is exempt…from all foreign jurisdiction.”

— The U.S. Supreme Court (1)

Even as the rights of Sovereign Nations are outlined so clearly in the modern day, the fact that our Nation is illegally occupied gets swept under the rug by the United States. Our children are taught that becoming a state was the desire of Hawaiians; even that our Queen Lili`uokalani signed away our independence. This is a lie. This is pure deception by design. The Nation has always existed and will always exist as a separate, Sovereign Nation.

Our Nation has never ceased to exist, though it is illegally occupied. It stands, even now, as an organized government with Ministries and daily operations, and has done so for more than 18 years, under my reign. Per ancient protocol in selecting a King, descendants of the original members of the House of Nobles which was established by King Kamehameha III, selected me, Edmund Keli`i Paki-Silva Jr., to reign as Ali`i Nui Mō`ī, High Chief and Sovereign King of and for The Kingdom of Hawai`i. My royal genealogy traces back to a Long Line of Kings and Queens from both my mother’s and father’s side in a direct hereditary line of successions to King Kamehameha-Nui `Ai Lu`au of Mau`i, as having the oldest and highest-ranking bloodline of Hawaiian Royalty ordained by Akua (God). I was given the Sacred Royal Name of:

Nalikolauokalani Paki – Ka-`i-`omaka-ola-hou-Kaluaokalani-


I acknowledge the heritage given me by my own (Iwi Kupunas) ancestors, who trace our Royal Genealogy back to 316 A.D., for they brought to me their own knowledge, experience and wisdom with an understanding of the responsibilities inherent in leading a Nation.

Through Law of Nations decision by the U.S. Supreme Court quoted above, the Court acknowledges its recognition that the Law of Nations (2), and/or its author, were and are the utmost expert and powerful legal authority regarding international law, the laws that govern extent, efficacy, and applicability of the legal doctrine of Sovereign Immunity on and within the United States.

The admitted and uncontested facts surrounding the illegal overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawai‘i, and my monarchy, as well as the application of clear U.S. Constitutional and international law to those facts — can ONLY and EXCLUSIVELY lead to the exact same conclusions reached, approved, and passed into law by the U.S. legislative and executive branches of government, in and through U.S. Public Law 103-150 (107 Stat. 1510). Namely, that the overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawai‘i and her monarchy (including the Bayonet Constitution) are and were illegal, were done wholly without Constitutional authority or power, were unauthorized “Acts of War” that deprived Hawai`i and Hawaiian people of their “rights of self-determination”, and that it is time for reconciliation for these wrongs. (3)

The history and transactions between the United States, the Kingdom of Hawai`i, its monarchy, the people of Hawai`i, and the Hawaiian Islands, which have led to this modern state of affairs—utterly and entirely fail all the admonitions, intentions, requirements, rule(s) of law designed by, and hopes of President George Washington, President Thomas Jefferson, all the founding fathers (as evidenced in their prolific writings on freedom)—and even the original and great design and intention of and for the “land of the free and the home of the brave.”

Because the State of Hawai‘i, as the supposed 50th state in the Union, came into existence on the back of the United States and all that has illegally and unconstitutionally transpired — neither the State of Hawai‘i, nor the U.S. federal government, are legal, legitimate, or rightful state(s), government(s), or authorities of, for, or over the Hawaiian Islands, the people of Hawai‘i, and/or the rightful and lawful government of the Kingdom of Hawai‘i — which is presently vested and humanly embodied in myself, King Edmund Keli`i Paki-Silva, Jr. Despite this, I do not support or advocate other than legal process and cooperative and peaceful means to rectify the wrongs committed in the past.

Due to all the foregoing, the rightful and lawful monarchy of the Kingdom of Hawai‘i under the current reign of myself, King Edmund Keli`i Paki-Silva, Jr., Ali`I Nui Mō`ī, is the true, correct, and lawful government of and for The Kingdom of Hawai‘i, the Hawaiian Islands, and all the citizens and /or people found within any of the original and traditional islands, lands, and territories of The Kingdom of Hawai‘i and the Hawaiian Islands. (4)

(1) The U.S. Supreme Court, in Franchise Tax BB., Supra, May 13, 2019 the U.S. Supreme Court decided the case of Franchise Tax Bd. v. Hyatt, 2019 U.S. LEXIS 3399, 139 S.Ct. 1485, 2019 WL 2078084 (2019), upon this citing. (2) Vattel, Emer De, The Law of Nations, Or, Principles of the Law of Nature, Applied to the Conduct and Affairs of Nations and Sovereigns, Vol. 1, 1767 (3) Joint Resolution, 3D Congress, Public Law 103-150, “The Apology”, November 23, 1993 (4) Many excerpts from this document are taken from a Royal Decree to Cease & Desist, authored and issued by King Paki-Silva on June 4, 2019, Statement of Case and Authority.