The Restoration of The Kingdom of Hawai`i has been longed for, protested for, demanded, had songs written about it, and is still at the heart of Hawaiian citizens around the world. Let it be clear to all — that the Nation and The Kingdom of Hawai`i has never ceased. It has been illegally occupied but without the capitulation of the People. It has been annexed and made a state but under protest. The Hawaiian Nation has never conceded to the United States, therefore, it still exists. It may be battered and bruised, or invisible to some, but in legal, cultural, and spiritual ways, The Kingdom exists.

First, this Nation was established as a gift from Akua (God) to this People. Man cannot take it away.

Secondly, international law has broadened in its definitions over the past few decades. It no longer requires a State (country) to sign into agreement on a treaty in order to be subject to it. It has become a de facto rule of conduct agreed upon by the majority of nations. Disregarding such global standards causes scrutiny and consequences at the global level.

The Apology Bill (U.S. Public Law 103-150 – 107 Stat. 1510) admits the invasion, overthrow, occupation, and annexation of 1893 violated diplomatic treaties, international law, Laws of Nations, and the United States Constitution. Under International law, the World Court ruled the only appropriate remedy is restitution. That fact gives absolute right and power to restore independence. The U.S. Congress has no power, jurisdiction, or authority to stop the restoration of the Kingdom. The United Nations Charter states; An autonomous independent sovereign nation-state contemplated under Article 1 of the Montevideo Convention on Rights and Duties of States requiring the state as a person of international law possessing the four qualifications of (a) a permanent population, (b) a defined territory, (c) government; and (d) capacity to enter into relations with the other states. The Kingdom of Hawai‘i meets all these legal requirements.

Thirdly, many actions taken by the United States are in conflict with their own Constitution and grossly violate the philosophy of freedom upon which the United States is founded upon.

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It is often pointed out that King Paki-Silva looks remarkably like both Kamehameha the Great and Queen Lili`uokalani. This is very true. There are several key family traits, known only to the family, that show up very well in these photographs. Queen Lili`uokalani is shown in her younger years on the left and at an older age in the center. Each showcases different features. King Paki-Silva is at his current age, on the right.


  1. The nose shape is the same. (Slight changes due to black belt martial arts experiences.)

  2. The upper lip has a dip in the center and slightly differing, but very distinct sides with small raised edges. This forms a subtle channel from the dip to the nose.

  3. The lower lip is flattened with a prominence just under the lower lip center which produces the shadow seen just below the lips.

  4. Eye skin fold just above eyes leaves less upper lid visible.

  5. Crease at the outer edge of the eye.

  6. One eye slightly larger than the other (a strong trait).

  7. Penetrating, intimidating gaze. This is identical in the photo on the far left of the Queen and in the photo of King Paki-Silva.

  8. Cheek blush pattern. This pattern comes to a peak at the center of the nose and is an unusual, very defined shape.

  9. The second ear fold is more dominant than the outer edge of the ear and is raised. This is clearly seen on the center photo of the Queen and is identical to that on the left ear of King Paki-Silva.

  10. Same angle shoulder slope.

  11. As shown in the beginning page photos, the Queen and King Paki-Silva have very similar shoulder and upper arm builds.

  12. Chin dominance. The end of the chin juts out slightly. The Queen’s became more dominant as she aged, center photo.

  13. Cowlick at the center of the forehead.

Queen Lili`uokalani made a choice to handle the theft of The Kingdom in a way to avoid violence. In every action and in every way she could, she protested in a non-violent way and demonstrated that she was being forced. She signed her name on the Abdication as was forcibly demanded — Lili`uokalani Dominis, rather than as the Monarch, Queen Lili`uokalani. She felt that such a person did not exist and hoped it would help undo the illegal occupation. She appealed to President Grover Cleveland. She appealed to the United States Senate. She appealed to the American people directly. She took the high road of integrity in preserving life, though those against her used every deception to take away her precious country. Queen Lili`uikalani yielded; she never surrendered. She chose to give way to arguments, demands, and pressure in order to save lives.


(KING PAKI-SILVA IS THE AUTHOR OF MORE THAN 200 LEGAL AND PROCLAMATION DOCUMENTS DURING THE PROCESS OF RESTORATION. These documents are highlighted under checkmarks here. For a full review, go to the Documents Tab on the left of this website menu.)


  • On November 23, 1993, President Clinton signed Public Law 103-150, known as “The Apology” to Hawaiian Indigenous people.

Chosen on November 22, 2002, and ordained on June 23, 2003, the Prime Minister, Council of Regency, Na Kupuna Council O‘Hawai‘i Nei and Na Kupuna Council Hawai‘i Moku (Royal Kupuna House of Nobles) proclaimed Edmund K. Paki-Silva Jr. to be the lawful successor and Ali‘i Nui Mō‘ī (High Chief and King) of The Kingdom of Hawai‘i.

Like his full cousin by blood, Queen Lili`uokalani, King Paki-Silva has fought the Restoration battle through peaceful means, by legal document and argument, by international appeal, by approach to the United Nations, to The International Criminal Court (ICC), and every other means of persuasion and presentation, including four United States Presidents. The United States has been served with Cease & Desist orders regarding the return of the Nation. Active discussions are taking place which, due to their sensitive nature, cannot be discussed here at this time.

During his reign, King Paki-Silva has taken a strenuous path to lead the Nation to a full Restoration — not a Restoration of the Nation — but of the Nation’s freedom which was stolen from Queen Lili'uokalani in 1893, under threat of death.

When King Paki-Silva began his reign, he spent several years conducting and visiting Town Hall meetings around the Islands. This was to give him a feeling for the People and to see their situation personally. He saw the challenges that lie ahead. The People were fractured. They had no sense of themselves as a Nation. They did not recognize the position he had been called to fill. He saw their misery, their loss of identity caused by the infiltration of Western thinking into their very beings. The most frequent question he was asked was, “Can you pay my rent?” For King Paki-Silva, he saw Hawaiians walking around with their heads chopped off. They seemed like headless warriors, no longer of service, but going through the motions of being Hawaiian. They were not Hawaiian, in the true sense of the word.

Those that did feel the drive to unite the People followed any number of leaders, all self-appointed, like a massive beauty pageant based on popularity. Here he was, with the royal blood flowing through his veins like the lava of Pele, called by the House of the Nobels, challenged and approved by the Nightwalkers on his King’s Walk — yet he could not reach the People. In the beginning, they considered him just one more face in the beauty pageant.

The call to be King ran deep. This was very different from self-appointment. It was like being driven from inside to solve the problems that the Nation faced. Day and night, for almost 19 years, he has relentlessly driven himself.

  • On April 11, 2012, King Paki-Silva wrote and delivered “Establishing our Native Government” which stated, “Our Native Hawaiian Culture is perhaps the strongest one on Earth that has enough threads of ancient truths to correct the past historical meanderings of those who stole our Kingdom. Therefore, I do not know of any other culture so contained, yet still living and vibrant, with the possibility of changing a national order. It is without a doubt we, Native Hawaiians, have the heart of the entire world within us, and are known for peace, aloha and inclusiveness. We will not be ignored by any government, as has tragically happened to the First Nations (known as American Indians).”

King Paki-Silva watched as massive windmills were brought in that shouted desecration to the Islands. The promise of cheap electricity was quickly diverted to providing power for one of the United States’ largest international data collection sites, with no benefit to the People.

Sacred lands were desecrated as “appropriate” bombing sites and ancient navigation points became obliterated. The holy mountain of Mauna a Wakea became a commercial money-making facility for the United States, while bulldozers destroyed forever the navel cone, the piko, of Mother Earth.

Disrespect was everywhere. Disrespect of the Hawaiian lands for Western commercial purposes and housing; selling the land that is not legally theirs to sell, even under illegal occupation, according to the Laws of War.

Hawaiian citizens were losing their independence. Instead of self-sufficient gardening and locally grown food, the Islands turned to 80% outside food. Dependence on fast food chains and Walmarts grew as Westerners sensed a growing market. The younger generation was not even aware of their heritage or culture and quickly ate up the convenience of Western ideology as fed to them at school.

It was disheartening; however, the King is a man of action and action is what he took.

King Paki-Silva turned his attention to obtaining funding; the funding to refill the country’s Treasury. All the assets, gold, silver, copper, and currency had been taken by the United States. This was a direct violation of the Laws of War directing the limitations under illegal occupation. Royal lands that might have been available were also gone, again, taken by the United States. Funding was certainly needed in order to assist the People with basic needs and independent health care. Funding was needed to establish a Treasury that would last forever. Funding was needed to house The Kingdom Government.

Visions led the King to design and plan for a global Peace Center in Hawai`i that would teach the world Ho`oponopono to resolve conflicts and to establish a system for true justice — on an Indigenous basis — throughout the world. King Paki-Silva began speaking internationally, asking for support of the Peace Center concept and helping other nations understand the true history of The Kingdom of Hawai`i.

  • On May 4, 2019, King Paki-Silva wrote and delivered a Royal Proclamation, “Authority to Proceed Proclaimed to the World” which stated, “The illegal overthrow gives me the mandate to restore the Kingdom. My cousin Queen Lili‘uokalani yielded the throne under duress, fear, and concerns for her people. She yielded her throne to the forces of the United States of America to avoid bloodshed. President Cleveland ordered the Kingdom be reinstated upon knowing the facts of the wrongful theft perpetuated by U.S. interests, i.e. Businessmen and lawmakers.

With more dreams than assets, King Paki-Silva gathered about him the most loyal individuals that he could find that were talented in these key areas needed for Restoration. He turned to the Kupunas for support and wisdom. He expanded his international contacts and began what has become an intimate understanding of large finance, sustainable growth, and permanent provision for the Country’s forthcoming banking system. He worked long hours to get the funding done, never stopping and pushing his team to do the same.

King Paki-Silva continued meeting with world leaders as he had met with the Dalai Lama and Nelson Mandela years ago. He met with the heads of countless other countries who have since come to respect him and the dream for Restoration and Global Peace. He has continued to spread the story and cause of Hawaiian freedom around the world.

Ironically, the international audience was much more responsive than the Hawaiian citizen audience at home. Even so, behind the scenes, the King and his attorney (Lanny Sinkin) assisted in legal defense for protestors at Mauna Kea. They supported without fees many Mauna Kea protestors and Native American protestors of the North Dakota Pipeline. The impact was enormous. In North Dakota, not a single person failed to thwart the case against them.

  • On August 21, 2019, King Paki-Silva wrote and delivered “Urgent Message to the Kanaka Maoli”. “My heart is not my own, neither are my voice or my thoughts. In me, I carry the dark tumultuous pains of our Iwi Kupunas, who saw the Kingdom erode; helpless to save it. I see my cousin, HM Queen Lili‘uokalani, sitting on her rocker with sadness, lamenting about her lost kingdom. She wondered what would become of Hawai‘i, now lost to her and leaving only memories. In her heart, she prayed for the Kingdom to be reinstated, but she also prayed, that if it wasn’t to be with her, that someday, the true heir would step forward and restore the Rightful Government of The Kingdom of Hawai‘i. Nou Ke Akua Ke Aupuni O Hawai‘i. . .The United States will not stop me as I move forward in restoring our Nation. I am not concerned about the unlawful State of Hawai‘i or the Federal Government stopping me. They cannot. The energy of heart, mind, and soul to restore the Kingdom is already at work. It has been at work since my birth.”

The international team to develop Kingdom funding began to have a broad reach. The hope of truly being able to make a difference beckoned.

King Paki-Silva developed key projects and inspired others of his staff to take up this task and prepare the detailed Business Plans and Sources & Uses spreadsheets for Hawaiian projects as well as worldwide projects to assist orphans, women, and children in trafficking rackets, economic recovery for countries, reparation to Indigenous People, and others. In all, 58 plans were fully developed, documented, and budgeted.


  • President Obama initially promised to free Hawai`i, however, once in office he apparently had a conversation where it was pointed out to him by a family member in late 2009, that if he did so, he would nullify his own position as President. He would no longer qualify as he was purported to be born in Hawai`i. All efforts to free the Nation ceased.

The King’s travels became more extensive as funding approached completion in several different areas. It has been a long and arduous journey to learn financial strategies, to submit packages for funding, and to discuss the Nation’s plight in dramatic terms to a wide variety of funding possibilities.


  • Cannot be revealed at this time due to National security.


  • Cannot be revealed at this time due to National security.

Current activities are beginning to bear fruit. The long efforts are paying off. These things are close to being publicly revealed. In preparation, Kingdom Ministries are being formed and Ministers appointed. A government portal is in development. shows the King’s effort to bring global recognition of the Indigenous Way of Education for the People including the Way of Knowing. For the first time, the Indigenous Way of Knowing is measurable in the Western system. A campus is in the advanced planning stages to house this new global Indigenous education development.

It is an incredible time to be a Hawaiian citizen! The use of the native language is increasing. The longing for the `Aina has never left the People. Their Islands call to them. Recent studies actually tie the microbial diversity to the renowned healing traditions of the Hawaiian Archipelago. Ho`oponopono techniques are going forward worldwide alongside an Indigenous legal system. The Peace Center is the ultimate “Aloha” to all humankind, as it showcases the Hawaiian way.

Registration is available to those of Native Hawaiian descent, those born on the `Aina, and others who establish their desire and value to the Kingdom through the registration and the King’s review. The commonality is the intent to support the King and the Kingdom.

Watch for coming announcements as this exciting new phase of Restoration begins. Aloha ke Akua.

A Great Nation