About This Site

Useful information for users of this website

On this website you will find information about:

  • the current government of The Kingdom of Hawai‘i; and

  • the current issues facing the Kingdom of Hawai‘i; and

  • pending government steps toward total organization of all Ministries; and

  • international programs related to the Kingdom of Hawai‘i and its citizens.

Hawaiian language

The Kingdom of Hawai‘i supports the every day use of the Hawaiian language. The website will increasingly support total Hawaiian language immersion so that Hawaiian as a primary language will be facilitated.

Locating content on this site

There are a number of ways to access content on this site.

  • Use the home page dynamic navigation to the left of each page.

  • Use the site map, located at the bottom of every page.

  • Use the whole-of-site Search facility, located at the top right of every page. Searches may be entered using a range of terms, in the same way as current practice for large external search engines. Use the Advanced Search option to refine your search.

  • Go to the Documents and Media sections for a list of all publications and media material available on the site. The list of publications will first appear in publish-date order, with the newest at the top. There are over 200 publications listed. in this section, and there is a filtered search option provided with options for searching in a number or ways.

  • Go to the Announcements section on the homepage to see the newest releases.

Optional formats - which should you choose?

The Kingdom of Hawai‘i documents and publications may be published in a second format - PDF (Portable Document Format) or Word.

PDF for printing or downloading

The PDF version of a publication is located under the Documents tab or in some cases, under a particular location. The document may be saved by using a right click and “Save As” option to your personal drive. It can be printed from there.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

PDF files on this website are created using Adobe Acrobat software. An Adobe Acrobat Reader is necessary to view them. An Acrobat Reader can be downloaded free of charge from the Adobe(external link) website.