“A Thing Well Begun Is Half Done.

By Victor Gillam

This political illustration was published in 1899 where it was shown as a positive representation of President McKinley's aggressive Imperialism philosophy as Colonialism took full hold of the United States. Hawai'i is shown with a United States flag upon it, along with other countries that were targeted under McKinley's Colonialism Plan for the United States.

It is time to take a stand against Colonialism with new enthusiasm! Never has there been a better time to UNITE on legal grounds that clearly indicate illegal occupation of The Kingdom of Hawai'i.

Read below for recent legal stands and activities to both TMT and the University of Hawaii regarding Mauna e Wakea.

Letter to University of Hawaii

09192019 Mauna Kings Letter - Together we Stand Against Colonialism.pdf

Letter to TMT

09082019 Kings Letter for TMT re Mauna a Wakea.pdf