Ke Kuhina No Ka Pu’u O Ke Aupuni a me ka Ho’okele Waiwai (Royal Ministry of Treasury and Economics)

STATEMENT: On November 22, 2002 the Prime Minister, Council of Regency, Na Kupuna Council O‘Hawai‘i Nei and Na Kupuna Council Hawai‘i Moku (Royal Kupuna House of Nobles) proclaimed Edmund Keli`i Paki-Silva as the lawful successor and Ali‘i Nui Mōi (High Chief and King) of the Kingdom of Hawai‘i. This act brought the government of The Kingdom of Hawai`i into its current active status.

With The Kingdom of Hawai`i government in place, King Keli’i is moving forward with the full Ministries organization as a further operational expansion of the existing Kingdom government.


Honorable Kirk Simmons Bradach


Ke Kuhina No Ka Pu`u O Ke Aupuni a me ka Ho`okele Waiwai / Royal Minister of Treasury & Economics

Honorable Kirk Bradach brings a tremendous financial background to his Appointment as Royal Minister of Treasury & Economics for The Kingdom of Hawai`i.

Honorable Minister Bradach entered the field of Financial Services in 1990. For 30 years he has been immersed in learning every aspect of the industry. By the year 2000, Honorable Minister Bradach was President of a successful regional Broker Dealer. In 2007, he joined AXA Advisors as their Divisional Vice President. In 2008, Honorable Minister Bradach created a patent pending Options Query and Trading Platform. This is a major accomplishment.

“I am an avid reader of history and I understand that to know where you want to go, you need to know where you have been,” stated Honorable Minister Bradach. “I have spent countless hours dialoguing with HRM King Paki-Silva regarding history and the future—discussing a commonsense approach to today’s problems that are facing the world, and, subsequently, The Kingdom.”

Honorable Minister Bradach went on to state additional thoughts on the Appointment and the direction of the Nation. “To be quite candid, I am not particularly impressed with the farcical fiat fractional banking system nor its predatory machinations. My priorities are the application of Common Law, common sense, Uniform Commercial Code, and legitimate Due Process. Some of my objectives will be to bring an economic self-sufficiency to The Kingdom through continued development of total energy independence, non-predatory lending practices, and viable living wages for all Kingdom citizens.”