Kuhina A’o

(Royal Ministry of Education)

STATEMENT: On November 22, 2002 the Prime Minister, Council of Regency, Na Kupuna Council O‘Hawai‘i Nei and Na Kupuna Council Hawai‘i Moku (Royal Kupuna House of Nobles) proclaimed Edmund Keli`i Paki-Silva as the lawful successor and Ali‘i Nui Mōi (High Chief and King) of the Kingdom of Hawai‘i. This act brought the government of The Kingdom of Hawai`i into its current active status.

With The Kingdom of Hawai`i government in place, King Keli’i is moving forward with the full Ministries organization as a further operational expansion of the existing Kingdom government.


Honorable Jeremiah Mofoluwaso Abdulrazak Agboola


Kuhina A’o / Royal Minister of Education

Honorable Jeremiah Agboola brings strong leadership to the Appointment as Royal Minister of Education for The Kingdom of Hawai`i. His background includes effective management of human and capital resources, with proven team-spirit and ability to coordinates and achieves organizational objectives. Possessed extensive experience in Higher Education Leadership, Business Processes Management, Organizational Development and in conducting Quality Management Internal Audits.

Honorable Minister Agboola is the President of RCST Rockfield College of Sciences and Technology, headquartered in Switzerland. The University offers student-centered learning that helps students recognize, explore, and develop knowledge and skills needed to achieve professional competency that meets the demands of modern global workplaces.

“The great love Hawaiian Citizens hold for education is well represented by HRM King Paki-Silva for his steadfast involvement in quality education as the key to a better future. It has been a great honor to work with His Majesty on developing the Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees Programs in Indigenous Knowledge at RCST Rockfield College of Sciences and Technology,” stated Honorable Minister Agboola in a recent interview.

In addition, The Kingdom of Hawai`i Royal Accreditation Commission (KOHRAC) is another major step forward in maintaining qualitative education which HRM King Paki-Silva holds dearly and is supported by Honorable Minister Agboola. KOHRAC provides the standards for Indigenous accreditation for education facilities and Indigenous programs everywhere. Many countries have already expressed interest in joining and it will be an outstanding organization driving the highest standards for education. KOHRAC includes new measurement and assessment tools developed by HRM King Paki-Silva specifically for the integrated Indigenous-approved education with commitment to academic integrity.

Honorable Minister Agboola worked with His Majesty to developed Innovative Curriculum for Indigenous Knowledge and the Way of Knowing in Indigenous Cultures, using The Kingdom of Hawai`i as the benchmark. The curriculum will blend Western Education measurements with Indigenous Knowledge through the development of new assessment tools for the Indigenous Intuitive Education programs, providing the bridge where the two worlds of learning can meet and understand one another.

“As Minister of Education for The Kingdom of Hawai`i, I commit to bringing about a global presence for all Kingdom of Hawai’i education programs and will do all in my power to promote and develop necessary infrastructures and resources for the advancement of the Kingdom’s educational systems throughout the world.” ---- Honorable Jeremiah Agboola