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Peace Center

The Kingdom of Hawai‘i has a unique and powerful resolution system that works with individuals, communities, First Nations as well as countries called Ho‘oponopono. Imagine a court system that can enforce justice—but teaches conflict resolution first. Learn of The King’s vision that led to plans for the Peace Center – ka ‘aha kūkā ‘ano lani. It is truly Hālau Aomaluhiamauloa, a House of Enlightenment and Peace.

The King’s Speech

King EDMUND KELI‘I SILVA-PAKI JR. (The King) outlines his vision for the complete restoration of The Kingdom of Hawai‘i. He discusses the Aloha ‘Aina Project and the Peace Center. May the “Spirit of Aloha” explode into the Hearts of all Hawai‘i Nei and into the Nations of the World. Hawai‘i is the heartbeat of the planet.

The Kingdom of Hawai'i Chant | Ku i ka mana (Rises the mana)


The King found this inspiring video sharing the basic Hoʻoponopono concepts to soothing music and compiled by Kristine Bloxham. We would like to thank Kristine for allowing The Kingdom of Hawaiʻi to post her work. Kristine, your lovely spirit represents all of Canada in a Pono (true) way. Mahalo Nui Loa, thank you very much.

Hoʻoponopono is the restoration of all things. Join with us as The Kingdom of Hawaiʻi takes Hoʻoponopono world-wide to bring about World Peace.