2023 Announcements

For His Excellency, Mr. President Isaac Herzog:

We express our sincere condolences; as we stand with Israel. May Hashem continue to watch over our brothers and sisters, and bring them home safely. We pray for peace and for the peace of Israel. 




With High Regards,


The Ambassadors at Large  

of The Kingdom of Hawai'i

To Israel & Jewish Diaspora 


With intentions, gratitude, light and love,

Scott and Marla Berger  B"H


Help from The Kingdom is here.

If you cannot get supplies, water, food, prescription medication, or other emergency needs, contact The Kingdom Emergency Response Team, headed by the Mayor of Mau`i, Victoria Kaluna-Palafox at 808-666-1906. 

`Ohana knows no bounds.  We are here for you.

King Keli`i

The Kingdom of Hawai'i Assistance for Maui Families

King Keli`i announces the appointment of Kupuna Victoria Kaluna Palafox as the Kingdom’s Ambassador of Goodwill and Aloha, Maui.

 The Kingdom of Hawai`i has successfully delivered aid to 200 families from Lahaina, and more each day. Aid is delivered directly to you. 

Call Victoria directly (808-666-1906) if you are a family in Lahaina or speaking for a family involved in the Lahaina tragedy. Do not call for information on missing family members. This will only cause a problem for those in need of aid as this is one phone line. Do call if you need assistance, water, food, baby supplies, clothing, etc. 

Additional assistance will be forthcoming for those families identified and registered with The Kingdom of Hawai`i as in need. If you can, register at


or give Victoria your information to register directly.

As one of the survivors of Maui stated so well, `Ohana knows no bounds. We agree.


Mayor of Mau'i Appointed

During this time of crisis, King Edmund Paki-Silva II has appointed Victoria Kaluna-Palafox as Mayor of Mau`i. Victoria has stepped in and provided incredible organization and leadership during this horrific tragedy. She is appointed Mayor with all the authorities and resources accorded to the position. Mahalo, Victoria, for being there when The Kingdom and the People need you.

Proclamation Duty

"I am assigning you to your duties – Stand up against the occupying force, believe that your Kingdom is restored through me, and know that you are loved, blessed, and safe. It is my Duty and Honor to take care of my people, and with the grace of God, all things will be made right...." 

An Ali`i Never Forgets

Let KA WAHI O NA UHANE stand for all those whose lives have been lost in Lahaina.

Let KA WAHI O NA UHANE stand for all those whose lives were harmed by colonialism.  Let KA WAHI O NA UHANE stand for all those whose lives ended from colonialism.

Let KA WAHI O NA UHANE stand for FREEDOM, for LIFE, for the PEOPLE forever and ever. 


He poʻe Hawaiʻi kākou, he poʻe o ka ʻāina. He hohonu a olakino ko mākou aʻa. He aupuni mākou I hoʻonohonoho ʻia e ke Akua, a he ikaika mākou no ka maikaʻi.

We are Hawaiians, people of the lands. Our roots are deep and healthy. We are a Kingdom ordained by God and a force of Good.

King Edmund Keli`i Paki-Silva II


Evil will come and visit you in your hour of grief and despair. It may already have. Immorality


The women in my life don’t Fear the burning fire; they become it and rise. They will never run away from danger to save their lives. Instead, they will run toward it and be one with it.


There is much to say, yet, silence sometimes is best. In the silence, we see our ancestors and those living in grief and desperation seeking answers to this disaster's root cause. There are many speculations thrown about as to what is assumed. We cannot rely upon this as true and accurate. What is true is that together, we will find it, to never again witness and experience this in any lifetime. If it is simply an accident, so be it, and we accept it. If not, I will bring to full force the Kingdom's Law Enforcement Officers to bring those perpetrators to stand before the People’s International Indigenous Criminal Court (IICC) and the International Indigenous Court of Justice (IICJ) to stand trial for their crimes against humanity. Regardless of who they are, their titles, and whether they are rich or poor, it doesn’t matter. True justice will be served.

Dr. Gordon Grado appointed Surgeon General, Kauā Nui

Renowned oncologist Dr. Gordon Grado has been appointed as Surgeon General, Kauā Nui, for The Kingdom of Hawai`i.  As Surgeon General, Dr. Grado will oversee the construction and implementation of the Tree of Life Royal Healing Hospital & Research Campus for The Kingdom of Hawai`i. 

King Paki-Silva announces Kingdom Project

In preparation for major announcements from The Kingdom, HRM King Keli`i Paki-Silva exhibits here The Kingdom's plans for a Tree of Life Royal Healing Hospital & Research Center.  This project includes the previously announced Peace Center along with other facilities and programs of The Kingdom.