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Condolences to Her Majesty's Family 

This is a season of forgiveness and reconciliation from the wrongs of the past. Queen Elizabeth II stated that England was in the “winds of change” and began a shift from the full Colonialism of her ancestors. Though her life was ended before a final profound and total change was implemented, I have no doubt that her thoughts were constantly on how to make such a change.


A big first step was taken by Pope Francis today in moving to the complete retraction of the Doctrine of Discovery as ordered by King Keli'i on behalf of global Indigenous Peoples in his letter campaign to the Pope which began in 2017. On May 21, 2022, he spoke the light of truth in his speech to the House of the Panamanian Parliament regarding the despotism created by the  Roman Catholic Church.  He directed the Pope to rescind the Doctrine of Discovery immediately and to apologize to All Indigenous Nations.   A follow-up letter went out on May 28, 2022. It is important to note that the Roman Catholic Church spearheaded the evils that caused unimaginable evil against humanity. Were it not for the Roman Catholic Churches' sin; society would not be in the state it is now.

Excerpts comparing the Pope's speech to comments in the King's letter to the Pope:

Pope Francis:  "What our Christian faith tells us is that this was a disastrous error, incompatible with the Gospel of Jesus Christ."

King Keli`i:  "Your predecessors committed evil against humanity in the holy name of God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit."

Pope Francis:  "I humbly beg forgiveness for the evil committed by so many Christians against the Indigenous peoples."

King Keli`i:  "I want to reach out and say I forgive your predecessors, your complicity, and the Roman Catholic Church for their crimes against me, my ancestors, and my nation – the Kingdom of Hawai'i. I am breaking the bonds of anger and disparity to be at peace, a peace that only God can give me. I forgive you."

The Pope:  "I fully agree: that is only the first step, the starting point. I also recognize that, “looking to the past, no effort to beg pardon and to seek to repair the harm done will ever be sufficient” and that, “looking ahead to the future, no effort must be spared to create a culture able to prevent such situations from happening.”

King Keli`i:  "Religion is the direct cause of wars that actually predate the 1100’s to this current day. The Vatican and European Rulers are the evil that has not been called to account for their crimes against Humanity: more precisely, the Indigenous peoples of Africa, Panama, the Pacific Islanders, and the Americas. Speaking as an indigenous man, for humanity to survive we must go back to a spiritual compass rather than a religious conscience."

"The Doctrine fueled white supremacy as white European settlers claimed they were instruments of God, doing the will of God, as proclaimed by the Vatican. They were told that they possessed cultural superiority. Evil spread throughout like a plague — with millions murdered. Women and children were raped and then forced into slavery. Such evil had no rival. The monstrous evil that started from the Vatican in the 1400’s is well and alive in the 20th century."

"Therefore, today, in front of all of you, the World and Almighty God, on this 19th day of May, 2022, I, Edmund Keli`i Silva II, the Hereditary King of the Kingdom of Hawai`i – Nou Ke Akua Ke Aupuni O Hawai`i, am not asking, but DIRECTING the Vatican’s Chief Magistrate Pope Francis . . . to personally apologize to all the Indigenous Nations that were negatively impacted by this Decree issued by his ancestors, Pope Nicholas V and Pope Alexander VI, for crimes against Humanity — Africa, England, the Americas, Hawai’i, France, New Zealand, Panama City, Panama, The United States of America, Netherlands, and all Nations vastly impacted by European Royals must also apologize for their crimes against Indigenous nations."

"The Vatican must apologize, and OVERTURN the Doctrine of Discovery and seek forgiveness from All Native American Indians, Africans, the Kingdom of Hawai’i, the Western Hemisphere, Canada, and all Polynesian Islands, and indigenous nations around the world for its crimes against Humanity."

Photos and Videos from Panama Presentations by King Paki-Silva 

King Edmund Keli'i Paki-Silva Jr.'s Speech for The Journey of Reconciliation in Panama

The hereditary King of The Kingdom of Hawai'i, King Silva Jr., addresses world nobles, directing The Vatican to apologize for and immediately rescind the Doctrine of Discovery in order for peace and reconciliation to occur. 

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King Edmund Keli'i Silva Jr.'s Speech at the Parliament of Panama

The Hereditary King of The Kingdom of Hawai'i, King Silva Jr., directs The Vatican to revoke and apologize for The Doctrine of Discovery, as a part of The Journey of Reconciliation of Mother Africa and Her Diaspora, hosted by The 6th Region Global Chamber of Commerce, in order for Humanity to heal, to reconcile the past for a brighter future. 

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King Edmund Paki-Silva Mother of Africa Presentation Slide Show


Journey of Reconciliation of Mother Africa and Her Diaspora



The Great Dictator was Chaplin’s first film with dialogue. Chaplin plays both a little Jewish barber, living in the ghetto, and Hynkel, the dictator ruler of Tomainia. In his autobiography, Chaplin quotes himself as having said: “One doesn’t have to be a Jew to be anti Nazi. All one has to be is a normal decent human being." 


Sovereign nations have the right to self-rule. The rash of colonialism that involved rule of local places by far away governments is ending, as demonstrated recently by Barbados' new independence, not only condoned by its previous colonial head but celebrated in-person by Prince Charles. The Kingdom of Hawai'i is another example of an indigenous people who have thrown off imperialist hands . . . only we, the Kurds, can appropriately govern our land, just like only a Hawaiian can govern that Kingdom. It could go without saying that it is a mandate to honor basic human rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. 

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Video from M A



Tricia Lindsay, a Civil Rights Attorney from New York and a 24 year veteran teacher of the New York school system, gives an impassioned speech.  The critical concept of personal freedom is outlined step-by-step showing the power of the People under the U.S. Constitution . . .


OLA KE KAUOHA O KE AKUA (LIFE BY THE WORD OF PROCLAMATION OF GOD) MA (AT) AHU'ENA HEIAU, KAMAKAHONU, HAWAI'I. By the Inspiration of the Lives and Work of Ali`i Kahu David Keli`ihelemauna Roy, Jr. me Ali`iwahine Verda Leialoha Vida Roy on Kāloapau Ikuwā `Elua Tausani `Umikumamawalu (26 October 2018), a New Order for the Life and Care of AHU`ENA HEIAU was proclaimed by Akua Manamanaloa in a Community Ceremony . . . 

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The King announces the CURRENT STATUS of RESTORATION of The Kingdom... 

The King announces the CURRENT STATUS of RESTORATION of The Kingdom.. Read More ...


January 3, 2022

Lamakū Mikahala Roy has issued a statement in response to the article, “Lost Bones of Kamehameha: Tyrone Young’s 1983 Discovery” by Melisse Malone, published in the Ke Ola Magazine edition for January, 2022.  In a strong rebuttal, Lamakū Mikahala Roy states the following to the Editor, Publisher and staff:

Strength of Greetings in Makahiki the Greatest Sacred Time for the Planet --

Tyrone Young has not discovered the resting place of Hawai`i's Great King, Kalanipai`eakūnuiākea Kamehameha the Great.

Tyrone Young has only confirmed his place among too many `Ōiwi who fall to sensationalism born of colonization and who fail to uphold the standards of their Ancestors.

Tyrone Young should have heard his father's words that admonished against entering burial caves, over words of Herb Kane, the artist historian, who stood by while Young took his steps.

What is extremely sad is how you, the magazine and a business, have had the pristine opportunity to honor Hawai`i in the greatest way by honoring the Spirit of Hawai`i and her people. Tyrone made a choice and so did you, Editor, Publisher and Staff of Keola.  You elected to tell a story of shame over the history of Light unfolding that is the CONTINUING STORY of Kamehameha-The-Great, of Ahu`ena Heiau, of Kamakahonu and Ka Mo`olelo Hou (New History) for Hawai`i and the World! 

Furthermore, the author of this article, Ms. Melissa Shields, presents a technically modified photo of Ahu`ena Heiau.  By the Guidance of Akua, since 2007, no Ho`okupu (physical offerings) have been accepted at Ahu`ena Heiau.  No photographs of Ahu`ena Heiau have been permitted.  Ms. Shields did not seek permission of Akua in the Kahu of Ahu`ena Heiau to take her photo or to tell this story of great disrespect to Hawai`i's Great King and to Kamakahonu, the Heart of Hawai`i for `Ōiwi and all people.

Ahu`ena Heiau is the first Restored Heiau in Hawai`i of the Planet.  In 2010, we began hearing from the Ancestors of `Ōiwi who uphold the highest light of Akua (Divine Creator) of Heaven and Earth.  What was 2010 but the 200th anniversary of the unification of the Hawaiian Islands by Kamehameha-The-Great.

Here in Hawai`i how blessed are the first people of the Pacific for mankind that by our Ancestors of the Light of Kamakahonu, we hear from Most High God for the benefit of `Ōiwi, the planet and all life upon the planet!

How blessed are the first people of the Pacific for mankind that Kamakahonu is the Kapitala Mua (First Capital of Hawai`i) unified by Kamehameha-the-Great.

How blessed are the first people of the Pacific for mankind by Akua Manamana loa that, today, Kamakahonu is the Capital of the Restored Kingdom of Hawai`i by Ali'i Nui Mo'i Edmund K. Silva, Jr. (Paki)


Lamakū Mikahala Roy

Nā Māmaka o Ka Lama

Ahu`ena Heiau

Kamakahonu, Hawai`i