Pre-2022 Announcements


There is so much conflicting information with regards to the Covid-19 vaccines. I  encourage all of you to research deeply and to ask common sense questions,  seeking wisdom for you and your `Ohana (family). 

The information seems to fall into two categories. One that is emphasized by  governments and news media where quotes offer information saying, “experts  say . . . “. This way assures that all is well, tested and proven. The other is often  referred to as conspiracy theories which, in great contrast, includes people of  great renown world-wide, Nobel Prize winners, top virologists and physicians,  and other authorities who would seem to have genuine concern and no reason to state otherwise. (See the footnote for a list of the top 57 concerned authorities  in the field.)

Let us look at the basic areas of concern together. Then, take the time to do your  own research and draw your own conclusions. Mahalo. READ MORE ... 


Aloha President Buhari,

I have received many urgent requests from your country men, asking for my help. Sent to me were disturbing videos of your Nationals being slaughtered on the streets, in their homes and workplaces. These killings were not isolated only to men of violent intent but, also to unarmed women, and children, by what appears to be, your governments’ military personnel.

I assume nothing; therefore, I am contacting you directly in the hopes that everything I’ve been sent, and heard, are untruths. Unconscionable lies, targeted to discredit, and damage a good man’s honor, and reputation. Yet, the alarming information coming out of Nigeria, from scared citizens, gives deep cause for great concerns. ...

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KING EDMUND KELI`I PAKI-SILVA JR. DISCUSSES THE GLOBAL CLIMATE CRISIS FROM AN INDIGENOUS POINT-OF-VIEW:  I, the King of an Indigenous people from the Kingdom of Hawai`i, speak from the highest vibration humanity carries in the essence of its spirit…… READ MORE


KING EDMUND KELI`I PAKI-SILVA JR. PROVIDES A FRESH LOOK AT THE PANDEMIC:  In 1778 Captain Cook brought disease to our Hawaiian Islands.  These diseases had devastating results on our people, and within 60 years, most of the Hawaiians (about 80%) did not survive… READ MORE


The Restoration of The Kingdom of Hawai`i has been longed for, protested for, demanded, had songs written about it, and is still at the heart of Hawaiian citizens around the world.  Let it be clear to all — that the Nation and The Kingdom of Hawai`i has never ceased. 

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Akua, Almighty God, formed the Ancients for the path of the sea and taught them to be fierce warriors; independent and capable.  They learned of the heavens and those that dwell there from him and he opened their understanding of the stars, the natural signs for navigating the oceans of the world, and even the depths of space and how to see them.  He brought them to the `Aina, the Hawaiian archipelago, and gave to the People this land to be part of them forever.  He taught them of the third mind, and how to communicate directly with him and with each other via the Way of Knowing.  He taught them to be Pono (true) and to live in truth and integrity.  ...



Prior to the arrival of the first Europeans, the Native Hawaiian people lived in a highly organized and self-sufficient society with a sophisticated language, culture, and faith, governed by High Chiefs on different islands.  Later, Kamehameha I created a unified monarchy that eventually became a constitutional monarchy recognized as the Kingdom of Hawai‘i. ...

Royal Minister of Treasury & Economics Announced

Honorable Kirk Simmons Bradach


Ke Kuhina No Ka Pu`u O Ke Aupuni a me ka Ho`okele Waiwai / Royal Minister of Treasury & Economics

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Royal Minister of Education Announced

Honorable Jeremiah Mofoluwaso Abdulrazak Agboola


Kuhina A’o / Royal Minister of Education

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Treaties of Reciprocity

The Kingdom of Hawai`i announces three Treaties of Reciprocity with other Sovereign Nations and Royal Families representing Sovereign Kingdoms, which have been initiated and signed in the year 2020.  As an independent Sovereign Nation, The Kingdom of Hawai`i has the right to form agreements and treaties with other nations.

A Treaty of Reciprocity is a treaty of mutual benefit, influence, commerce and friendship between the Kingdoms.  Reciprocity between Nations is extremely important in today’s political climate.  Without unified world peace, it is up to individual Nations to join together for common causes, as well as to unite with others as commonalities appear that can strengthen cooperation.  This forms a latticework that will eventually bring the world closer to global peace, respect of the planet, and healing of war and conflict. ... VISIT THE TREATIES OF RECIPROCITY PAGE

Someone has to tell it like it is ...

Kingdom News regarding Steven Torres. Commendation for the Ambassador of Aloha

Someone has to tell it like it is.

That man is Ambassador Steven Torres.

For a long time, citizens of the Kingdom have been unaware.

After extensive research, the descendants of the original House of the Nobles, located the highest blood line descendant of Hawaiian royalty and asked him to be King. ... Read the Newsletter!



The King Makes an Appointment

The King orders the appointment of Steven Torres as Ambassador of Aloha for The Kingdom of Hawaiʻi. ... READ MORE


The King proclaims Monday, March 23rd to be Virus Day.  This is a day when all may join in their own manner to flood the virus with the energy of love.  


Dr. Edmund K. Silva Sr. passed away on July 20, 2020.  A great man is walking with Akua this day... READ MORE



The King shares ways to strengthen yourself in preparation for community-wide COVID-19 in the Islands. ... READ MORE

Common Sense Protection Guidelines

The following is a letter from the King which outlines common sense protection measures that can be taken to prepare for the COVID-19 virus in the Hawaiian Archipelago. ... READ MORE

Health Precautions

Statement by the King on the Coronavirus situation. ... READ MORE

Support During COVID-19 Restrictions

The King provides suggestions to support the Citizens of The Kingdom of Hawai'i through this time of restriction due to COVID-19. ... READ MORE


Hawai`i has lost one of its great legends.  This is King Paki-Silva's memorial to a good friend.  Read More



There is a parallel intensity between the Non-Violent Direct Action campaigns under Mahatma Ghandi, Martin Luther King Jr., and the many activities throughout the Islands in protection of the 'Aina. 

Martin Luther King Jr. said, "Nonviolent direct action seeks to create such a crisis and establish such creative tension that a community that has consistently refused to negotiate is forced to confront the issue."   He went on to further explain, "We who engage in nonviolent direct action are not the creators of tension.  We merely bring to the surface the hidden tension that is already alive."

This is certainly the case with current issues.  The 'Oiwi Kanaka are the current day descendants of the beginning People, the 'Oiwi Kupunas or original ancestors of our ancient land. In case after case, today's leading Kupunas are standing up to say "no" in defense of the 'Aina. 

Mahatma Ghandi stated that, "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."

Martin Luther King Jr. also stated that, "Nonviolence means avoiding not only external physical violence but also internal violence of spirit.  You not only refuse to shoot a man, but you refuse to hate him."  This is the true sense of Kapu Aloha that is the essential truth within Hawaiian heritage.  

In response to these situations, in particular the prolonged stand-off at Mauna Kea, the King has issued a Proclamation to clarify the Kingdom of Hawai'i's stand on this matter.  ... READ MORE

Holiday Greetings from The King

At this special time of year amid many types of celebrations, the Sacred Truths of our People, the Kanaka Maoli, come to mind as we contemplate the wonder of humankind. ... READ MORE

Taking a Stand? Read This

Hoʻomaikaʻi mai iaʻu mai i ka poʻe a pau ma ke Aupuni o Hawaiʻi, aloha... Blessings from me to everyone throughout The Kingdom of Hawai‘i, aloha, ... READ MORE

Response to Kim Brochure

The distorted heart of the matter the dysfunctional sacrifice of freedom to gain peace ... READ MORE

Together We Stand Against Colonialism

“Victor Gillam A Thing Well Begun Is Half Done 1899 Cornell CUL PJM 1136 01” By Victor Gillam

This political illustration was published in 1899 where it was shown as a positive representation of President McKinley’s aggressive Imperialism philosophy as Colonialism took full hold of the United States. ... READ MORE

Ongoing Measures re Mauna A Wakea Protection

The most disheartening news has come to my attention, affecting all upon Mauna a Wakea. ... READ MORE

The Lie Behind a Humble Face

I have listened to and analyzed the talk you gave to the Office of Hawaiian Affairs concerning your proposal for the future uses of Mauna a Wakea. ... READ MORE

Aunty Pilahi Paki – The True Meaning of Aloha

When we meet for the first time, shake hands and hug; there is no judgement and we see no sins. This is… aloha. 

The world will turn to Hawai‘i as they search for world peace because Hawai‘i has the key… And that key is aloha.  ... READ MORE

Possible Violence Pending Against Hawaiian People

I open my letter with my Cousin, Her Royal Majesty, Queen Lili’uokalani (1898) ... READ MORE

Urgent Request To The Kanaka Maoli

My heart is not my own, neither are my voice or my thoughts. In me, I carry the dark tumultuous pains of our Iwi Kupunas, who saw the Kingdom erode; helpless to save it.  ... READ MORE

The Journey from Where We Were to Where We Are

In 2002, I accepted the role as Ali‘i Nui Mō‘ī – High Chief and King of Hawai‘i Nei. I did so with the purest of intentions and humility. I felt the spiritual calling of my ancestors and accepted the role as Ali‘ Nui Mō‘ī so that I could continue their fierce love and protection of these Hawaiian Islands. ... READ MORE

Legal Action On Mauna Kea and Restoration

"The foreign occupation of The Kingdom of Hawai'i must be brought to a close and the Kingdom restored to its rightful place within the community of nations.” ... READ MORE

Mauna A Wakea Proclamation

RESOLUTION - In Support of the Protectors of Mauna a Wakea Who Opposes the Building of the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) and Strongly Urges the TMT International Observatory Board of Governors to Withdraw Their Plans to Build TMT on Sacred Mauna a Wakea. ... READ MORE

Abolish the Doctrine of Discovery

Elements of the Doctrine have rationalized heinous behaviors against Indigenous peoples throughout the centuries. Forced removals such as the Trail of Tears, the seizure of natural “resources,” the destruction of traditional languages and cultures, the sterilization of Native American women, and the disruption of Indigenous communities, are examples of implementation of the concepts of “discovery” and “dominance.” ... READ MORE


Military mid-frequency, aquaculture and vessels are the three major sources of sound pollution in the waters around Hawaiʻi.  These three sources add up to sixteen times as many sound pulses than the normal baseline pulses. Spinner dolphins are particularly vulnerable because they hunt at night and sleep during the day in the bays around the Islands.  The Kingdom of Hawaiʻi didn’t win in this particular case, but we are always actively fighting to preserve the natural habitat that is our great heritage. ... READ MORE

Pohakuloa Training Area Programmatic Agreement

The United States military uses the Pohakuloa Training Camp on the Island of Hawai’i to conduct bombing and other military attacks upon sacred lands.

At a recent “community consultation,” Ali’i Mana’o Nui Lanny Sinkin delivered remarks on behalf of the Kingdom. ... READ MORE


The King found this inspiring video sharing the basic Hoʻoponopono concepts to soothing music and compiled by Kristine Bloxham.  We would like to thank Kristine for allowing The Kingdom of Hawaiʻi to post her work.  Kristine, your lovely spirit represents all of Canada in a Pono (true) way.  Mahalo Nui Loa, thank you very much.

Hoʻoponopono is the restoration of all things.  Join with us as The Kingdom of Hawaiʻi takes Hoʻoponopono world-wide to bring about World Peace. ... READ MORE

The Booklet

“I, Lili‘uokalani, by the grace of God and under the constitution of the Hawaiian Kingdom, Queen, do hereby solemnly protest against any and all acts done against myself and the constitutional Government of the Hawaiian Kingdom by certain persons claiming to have established a Provisional Government of and for this Kingdom. That I yield to the superior force of the United States of America, whose minister plenipotentiary, His Excellency John L. Stevens, has caused United States troops to be landed at Honolulu and declared that he would support the said Provisional Government. ... READ MORE

One Voice

Commonalities in Indigenous Philosophy

An invitation to all first nation people. 

I am Edmund K. Silva Jr., Ali‘i Nui Mō‘ī, Sovereign King of The Kingdom of Hawai‘i (The King). These are my mana‘o (thoughts).

There are many in the world who do not know of Colonialism or the Doctrine of Discovery, yet for the Indigenous, this was the beginning of being invisible or, worse, being treated as sub-human beings.  This explains why the Indigenous knowledge has been suppressed and disrespected. ... READ MORE

Service of Declaration of Independence

I, LANNY ALAN SINKIN, do declare the following to be true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. ... READ MORE

King’s Proclamation to our Sons and Daughters

What is it we fight for? We fight for the God Given right to live in Peace on our Ancestral Lands as Free people. We fight for your right to be Hawaiian and to dictate your own future.  Let us step up to our sacred kuleana. Let us face our responsibilities. Let us think. Let us decide. Let Akua fill your spirit with mana. Let Akua fill your mind with Pono. ... READ MORE

Sovereign Central Bank 

Broken Scale of Justice


Kahu Lani o na palapala hemolele a me ka ike 

False Prosecution, Conviction and Sentencing ... READ MORE